Extremism Aids Support in Disasters?

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“Don’t write off Corbyn, his insane ideas might be popular in a crisis – Tories can’t be complacent that the bearded Bolshevik’s message will always fall on deaf ears,” by Charles Moore of the The Telegraph. Published on August 28, 2015.

In the latest post of [The] Telegraph columnist Charles Moore, the validation of whether Jeremy Corbyn, a candidate for the Leader of the Labour Party, is determined through the author’s reporter-like and political voice. Through this voice, Moore attempts, persuasively of course, to support the candidate, even if he is actively known for his extremist and socialist views. This is evident through many elements. First off, it is necessary to examine the title, which obviously states that Corbyn could be useful for the United Kingdom’s response to potential problems and clashes in the future. Second, he extends on this fact through his writing, in that he asks “how confident can one be that the Tories will know what to do when things go wrong?” and “Will our moderate and sane government really know what to do or say when the next jolt to the system comes? If not, there will be an electoral market for the immoderate and insane politics offered by the bearded Bourbon of Bolshevism.” These are sure signs that Moore is a supporter of this controversial figure. The question is, “What types of disasters are expected by the government?”


3 thoughts on “Extremism Aids Support in Disasters?

  1. My columnist also had an opinion on Jeremy Corbyn but it wasn’t quite as sympathetic. Boris Johnson’s view on Corbyn saw his extremist and socialist views to be dangerous and to be avoided at all costs. It is interesting to see how these two views collided. I find both to have an equal amount of validity and I can appreciate what Moore sees in this candidate.


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