It is Understandable Why Moore is Furious

“Police ‘child abuse’ investigations are now undermining justice – It is not only public figures who are having their lives ruined by false and anonymous accusation, by Charles Moore of The Telegraph. Published on September 18, 2015.

In Charles Moore’s latest post, the reader catches the message that Moore is displeased by the way the Home Office is handling child sex-abuse cases, specifically ones that have to do with MPs and other government officials, both post-humous and non post-humous. Like most of his posts, he goes on a tirade by attacking certain government officials. Specifically, he attacks Alison Saunders, the Director of Public Prosecutions. He is disappointed in her because Saunders supported that Lord Janner, alleged to be associated with child abuse crimes, is medically unable to stand trial. However, with this, I can understand why Moore is furious. The way Moore writes, is very passive-aggressive and sarcastic, making it delightful to read. For example, this simple quote, “The politically correct Ms Saunders was hoist by her own petard and accused of weakness by the child-abuse lobby,” employs simple criticism by the use of words such as “politically correct” and “petard.” In conclusion, I feel as if the sub-title of this work is misleading, as Moore only spends the last fourth of his article talking about the possible misuse of the reinforced abuse hotline policies (in which he has a valid point).


2 thoughts on “It is Understandable Why Moore is Furious

  1. Hey Harrison!
    It’s interesting that Moore doesn’t approach what would seem to be his topic. Could it have been to urge the audience into reading it? I agree with you about the passive aggressive tone. I wouldn’t normally like an article with such anger and underlying aggressiveness, but Moore carries it insuch a way that makes me want to keep reading. The little bit of the article I read was very engaging. Great post!
    – Deven


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