Is Carly Fiorina Seeking the Presidency for Solely Herself?


Carly Fiorinia’s Shameless Promotion,” by Frank Bruni of The New York Times. Published on October 7, 2015.

This month, I will be transitioning from an author across the Atlantic to one in the United States. Frank Bruni softly validates his disapproval of Carly Fiorina, the only female GOP candidate seeking the presidential nomination from the primaries. Bruni includes a first-person encounter with Fiorina, in which she claims that her failure as Hewlett-Packard’s CEO was “a mistake,” as an anecdote that reinforces his stance on her status (ethos). Along with this primary evidence, Bruni also features other external evidence that [he thinks] proves Fiorina to have “an insatiable hunger for approbation.” I found it interesting that one of the pieces of evidence that Bruni featured mentioned that “almost no one at Hewlett-Packard had given more than $200 — the minimum amount for which a donor must be identified.” Along with this, Bruni confirmed through a survey conducted through Reuters that states that some of Fiorina’s prior Senate-election campaign workers would “never work for her again,” which rapidly adds logos. In conclusion, through the personal encounter with the candidate and others’ information, Bruni argues that Fiorina is purely running for ambition.

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2 thoughts on “Is Carly Fiorina Seeking the Presidency for Solely Herself?

  1. Interesting article, and the second I have seen about this Fiorina. I’m not sure how to feel about her, but I also think she won’t go too much further, people did like her in the debate though. It’s interesting to hear about the Presidency being discussed as a ambition vs. duties motivator, because really anyone who attempts to be President I feel like should have ambition for it, though I also think it is unreasonable to run just because you want to be President, because those duties do come with the job, and you have to be able to accomplish the job.


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