Yesterday was a busy day for me: the tests were cumulative in number, and the number of papers had accumulated from my procrastination. But despite the number of assignments I had due yesterday, or the lack of sleep, or even the winter weather, it was a strange day. It all started in the tepid room of Physics Honors. I had studied somewhat much for the test on Thursday night, but not as much as I would have wanted. Loosely confident and resting my feet flat on the floor, I began to take my test. Seeing the first problem, I focused my mind on thinking about only what was in Dr. Morden’s room. One problem: my unsureness and anxiety would periodically come to haunt me whenever I confronted a peculiar problem. Leaving the room, headed towards the chapel, I felt a sense of ambiguity about my test. But, here comes the best part: during chapel, I thought that it would be best to understand that I did my best, no strings attached. Everything will be the way it is supposed to be.

The next strange event happened right after school. To beat the traffic of Sherwood Blvd., I take the back way from school, turn right  onto the street by Starbucks, and turn onto Coursey, making my way towards Airline Highway. At the same time as I was entering the right lane on Coursey, a school bus felt like it was appropriate to merge into the lane I was entering. Even though the bus driver used their blinker, I was clearly already in the right lane. The bus swerved back into the left lane, and the awkwardness continued for the next mile. The middle-schoolers of this public school bus were smirking and laughing at me! I could clearly tell they were not cooperative; they threw stuff out of the bus! I was glad that I didn’t return home in a scraped piece of metal, but in a vehicle of safety and dignity.


6 thoughts on “Awkwardness

  1. Hey Harrison!
    I also have mixed emotions about that physics test; while it wasn’t extremely difficult I feel as though I may have forgotten coordinate systems or totally missed some concepts.

    Don’t worry about the bus incident :/ It wasn’t your fault. As long as you were doing what’s right, which you were, you are ok 🙂


  2. Harrison,

    Nice use of participles to create vivid imagery! While I’m not in physics this year, I felt like I was actually there, taking the intimidating test. Also, I’m sorry to hear about the bus incident. It’s always so frustrating to deal with other flustered drivers. Like Jill said, though, as long as you were in the right, keep being cautious, and don’t sweat it! 🙂



  3. Harrison,
    I have felt this sense of awkwardness one too many times. Just the sense that everything is going normally but it’s just off and awkward. I like that you are able to put it into words!! I hope your break is relaxing and not as awkward as Friday was!


  4. Harrison,

    You have a very unique writing style. You’re use of complex sentence structure tends to be quite mesmerizing. In respect to your stories, the bus incident strikes me as very odd. The fact that they were throwing objects at your car was indeed strange. I hope you weren’t too shaken.

    Jacob DeWitt


  5. I really don’t know what to make of you and your life, but it’s great that you’re going all in with it and just putting yourself out there. I admire your pride in yourself and lack of credence you give to anyone that may tell you otherwise. Keep doing you, Harrison.


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