Team Avery or Team Prosecutor?

“Are we making too much of ‘Making a Murderer’?,” by Meghan Daum of the Los Angeles Times. Published on January 7, 2016.

Meghan Daum’s article, “Are we making too much of ‘Making a Murderer’? (2016),” argues that due to the popularity and stance of the new Netflix series, its viewers only acknowledge one facet of the case, the pro-Avery side. Daum supports her argument by providing direct quotes of the filmmakers and defense lawyers, details of the public response to watching the film on social media, and personal commentary. This evidence fuels Daum’s purpose, which is to give the reader a reality-check about the case if he or she has seen the Netflix series. Keeping the details and the first-person view, we can assume the Daum is directly talking to the viewers of the documentary who has an unchanging opinion of the movie.

During the beginning of the article, Daum provides a slim background of the murder trials and begins her argument by acknowledging that even though the docuseries provides a detailed account of the trial, the viewer does not know every single fact of the case, demonstrating her logos.Daum believes that because of the ”

Daum believes that because of the “rabid public response” to the series, it is evident that people have only thought of one side of the story. To demonstrate this, Daum includes a Yelp review of the lead prosecutor by an Avery-supporter, “I hope that you get an incurable STD and spend the rest of your short life in constant misery, you fat slob.” When I read this, I immediately began to laugh, not only because of the exaggeration of the comment!

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4 thoughts on “Team Avery or Team Prosecutor?

  1. Harrison,
    As someone who has watched Making A Murderer, I agree with Daum. It seemed questionable to me that we were really only getting one side of the story that was being told SO well it was almost impossible not to believe it. I, personally, have trouble trusting someone on trial for murder who has bones in their back yard. Humans have big imaginations. There is almost no story we twist to be in our favor.


  2. People make big deals out of a lot of things, and it’s a never-ending line of continuing obsession over SOMETHING. As we can see, or hear from our peers, Making a Murderer has claimed the title as one of those “things.” I actually wanted to watch this for my documentary… Mrs. Duke disapproved. BUT THAT’S OKAY, I’ll watch it on my own. I don’t think the obsession is that big of a deal and should be treated as equal to this generation’s continual line of obsessions.


  3. Harrison,

    I believe this happens a lot with documentaries. Although viewers are exposed to multiple sides, they are mainly persuaded one way or the other. Given the show’s popularity, directors need to consider that since their audience can be easily persuaded they should reveal varying positions.


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